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Four kinds of situations should be avoided in the packaging of frozen food

Frozen food is different from general food packaging, in order to meet the convenience of transportation and ensure the freshness of food, the packaging process needs to avoid the following four situations: 

Case 1, the packing bag interlayer peeling strength is small, the tensile force is not enough, the mechanical properties of the packing bag is poor, resulting in the packing bag delamination, the packing bag cannot achieve its due load-bearing effect, and the contents cannot be effectively protected.

Case 2, the cold resistance of frozen food cannot meet the requirements, in the case of low temperature, cannot maintain the original properties of the material, packaging materials are more brittle, so that the mechanical strength of packaging materials decreased, much less to meet the protective effect on the content. 

Case 3, the puncture performance of the packaging bag, frozen food after freezing is generally relatively hard, especially fish, meat products, containing bones and hard objects, transport and stacking products extrusion is easy to make the packaging bag through, so that the packaging bag seal damage, so frozen food to the packaging bag puncture requirements are very high. 

Case 4, the bag's impact resistance performance is poor, transportation, loading and unloading, shelf placement process is easy to be damaged by external forces, easy to break the bag, bag opening phenomenon, not only affect the appearance of packaging products, but also cannot play the role of packaging itself. The above four situations in the frozen food packaging process to try to overcome, so as to ensure the integrity of frozen food, edible taste more delicious.