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Requirements for packaging forms of frozen food

The packaging of frozen food is different from the general food packaging, and can be divided into two types: soft and hard. Next, let's give you a detailed introduction. The soft type is based on a plastic film. Thick hard-type packaging, such as a slightly thicker paper box, composite aluminum foil stamping-type container, etc., the former accounts for a larger proportion. The common frozen food packaging in the market now adopts the OPP/ LLDPE structure, the product performance of the structure can reach the moisture-proof, cold-resistant, low-temperature heat-sealing pull strength and the like, and the cost is relatively low; and the packaging performance of the NY/ LLDPE structure can be resistant to freezing, impact resistance, puncture and relatively high cost, The product packaging performance is better than that of PET/ LLDPE and PET/ NY/ LLDPE and PET/ VMPET/ LLDPE, but the usage rate is relatively low. The above product structure is the structure that the market frozen food packaging uses the concentrated structure now, hope to help you!